St Andrews BIDs yes

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St Andrews businesses have voted yes to a establishing a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town.

Voting closed this morning, and it was quickly revealed that 169 businesses had voted, with 100 of them - 59 per cent - coming down in favour of establishing a BID. The yes vote also represents 68 per cent of the combined rateable value of the 240 businesses in the area.

Ken Dalton, chairman of the BID St Andrews steering group, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that the hard work of so many volunteers across the town has been rewarded in such a positive way.

“We can take a brief moment to celebrate – for and on behalf of our entire community – before the work begins on delivering a real business improvement district that will best support the town, its businesses, residents and visitors.”

Ken added: “The BID is there for each and every business – whether they voted for it or not. We look forward to forging new and innovative partnerships and to delivering all that we have promised.”

The chairman of Fife Council’s North East Fife Area Committee, Cllr Frances Melville, also commented: “I’m delighted that local businesses have decided to back the BID. This is a great result for the town and surrounding areas as we move forward in partnership.

“Although St Andrews is a vibrant place there are always improvements and changes that can be made to further improve the local economy and trade. We’re looking forward to working closely with the BID St Andrews team on many exciting projects to bring long-term benefits to the town and the surrounding area.”

A BID aims to work together and invest collectively to make improvements which are over and above the services provided by Fife Council.

All 240 businesses within the BID zone will have to pay a levy, with the funds generated then invested in a range of projects outlined in the business plan which they helped to create.

The BID is expected to be up and running by January.