St Andrews golf legend movie to be premiered on film festival’s opening night

Tommy's Honour - film of the life of Old Tom Morris, St Andrews
Tommy's Honour - film of the life of Old Tom Morris, St Andrews

A film telling the story of St Andrews golfers ‘Old and Young’ Tom Morris get its world premiere on the opening night of the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF).

Shot entirely on location, Tommy’s Honour is based on the true story of St Andrews golfing pioneer Tom Morris and his turbulent relationship with his son Tommy.

Award-winning actor Peter Mullen and Olivier-winning Jack Lowden take on the roles of father and son respectively and lead an ensemble cast including Ophelia Lovibond, Peter Ferdinando and Sam Neill.

Key cast members will be in attendance at the opening night on Wednesday, June 15.

Director Jason Connery predicted the film might get the privilege of featuring at the festival, but did not expect to be opening it.

He said: “I remember standing in the middle of a field in Fife and saying to Peter and Jack that Tommy’s Honour might get into the Edinburgh International Film Festival, not in out wildest dreams did we think it would be the opening gala. That’s fantastic!”

Mark Adams, EIFF’s artistic director, is looking forward to staging the Scottish film’s premiere. “We are proud to be staging the world premier of the film,” he said.

“It is a beautifully made film packed with memorable moments and terrific performances and reflects perfectly our intention to keep on bringing great Scottish projects to our audience.”

The film addresses class and social structures of the 19th century as it explores the friction between the father and son after Young Tom Morris marries a woman of ‘lower standing’.

Bob Last, producer, added: “Our film is a multifaceted story that resonates across universal themes including class struggle and romance.”