St Andrews’ hidden history revealed

Susan McMullan
Susan McMullan

From a flagpole to a cave, via murder and mystery, a new book about St Andrews will reveal the town’s hidden history.

Well-known local personality Susan McMullan takes her readers on a trip through the wynds and alleyways of the town, behind closed doors and explores the dark secrets of the town in Hidden St Andrews.

Grisly goings-on also feature - there’s the story of the great-grandson of King James II of Scotland, a scholar and theologian at St Andrews, who was burnt as a heretic, or the story of the assassinated archbishop, pulled from his coach and stabbed by angry Covenanters in the 17th century. Ghost stories abound as well, with the Friendly Monk of St Rule’s Tower and the Veiled Nun of St Leonards.

Susan is perhaps best know for her first book about Hamish McHamish whom she described as cool cat about town but she says working on her latest book has brought her even closer to the people of her adopted home.

It made working on the book a unique experience she says – meeting people with knowledge about St Andrews and the secrets it hides.

And she pays tribute to those who were willing to share their knowledge with her - even if they didn’t always agree.