St Andrews man’s bid for Screwball Rally

The customised Astra Estate which is all set for a hectic five day tour around Europe next month.
The customised Astra Estate which is all set for a hectic five day tour around Europe next month.

AN RAF technician from St Andrews is preparing for a five day drive around Europe - in a Vauxhall Astra kitted out as an American police car!

Andy Parry will be part of a team of four from RAF High Wycombe who are taking part in the Screwball Rally next month to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Heading off from Dover on Thursday, September 15, the group will spend the weekend driving through Germany, the Czech Republic and Holland before finally pulling in to finish up at Calais.

It’s sure to be a bumpy ride for all the teams as the value of participating cars is restricted to £750 or less and they have 1600 miles to cover.

Organisers of the event are keen for the teams to have fun. Participants are advised to dress up for the occasion and make sure the car has been customised.

Previous teams have included Scooby Doo and the mystery machine, Sheila’s wheels and even a crew from Star Trek.

They are given a destination for each day and how they get there is left to their imaginations.

The idea to take part first came about when two team members, Jim Collins and Tristan Smith, did some research on banger rallies while they were stationed at the Al Udeid military airfield in Qatar.

Sadly, not long afterwards, Tristan’s father died having suffered from prostate cancer. This confirmed to them that they should go ahead and take part in a rally and donate all the money raised to Cancer Research.

Upon their return to the UK, Andy was keen to join them and, after acquiring a 1997 Vauxhall Astra estate, there was only one thing left to do - paint it car like an LAPD cop car!

Now with just a month to go, they are putting the finishing touches to the car and gearing up for a once in a lifetime adventure. They will be driving through Dover, Mannheim, Pilsen, Hannover, Amsterdam and Calais in the five days.

Anyone wishing to sponsor the team can do so online at and you can follow their progress from September 15 at