St Andrews Musical Society walks through the storm

Carousle review
Carousle review
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ONE of the most well-known songs from Carousel is ‘When you walk through a Storm’ and St Andrews Musical Society certainly had to weather the storm to get this production on stage.

With only a couple of weeks’ notice they had to find a new venue when the Byre Theatre closed suddenly.

Sylvia Guy (director) was determined that ‘the show must go on’ and through sheer determination managed to relocate it to St Andrews Town Hall – and weren’t we pleased that they did.

We were treated to a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

The set, costumes, scenery and lighting provided a colourful background to some classy performances and to some excellent singing.

Robert Nee, the musical director, once again made sure that all the singing was precise and clear.

All the principals sang beautifully, as did the chorus.

It is difficult to pick out anyone in particular such was the high standard of performance.

The part of Billy Bigalow is difficult to pull off but Thom Hughes allowed us to be sympathetic as he brought out the complex and flawed character of the man.

Julia Campbell played Julie Jordan with sensitivity.

Alyson Forbes shone as Carrie Pipperidge; she has such natural comic timing and enormous energy.

Katrina Bradley, as president of SAMS, not only kept the company on track during what could have been a chaotic time but also gave us a very assured performance as Nettie Fowler.

Mr Snow turned out not to be as nice as he appears and was played confidently by David Jackson.

Roy Verner played Jigger well, looking and sounding the part.

Other parts were also played with sincerity and panache. The dance numbers added to the quality and colour of the performance.

St Andrews Musical Society can certainly ‘hold their chin up high’ with this production.

Eve Laidler