St Andrews shop pays tribute to Salvation Army officer

The window display was a tribute to long service local Army man Robert Chisholm
The window display was a tribute to long service local Army man Robert Chisholm

St Andrews shops have been putting on special Christmas window displays this year – but none can be more personal than that of the Salvation Army’s shop in Church Street.

For the display is a tribute to the late Salvation Army Officer Robert Chisholm.

Photographs and belongings of Robert’s were sent in to the shop by one of his relatives and inspired by the photographs, the shop’s staff and volunteers created a display to remember the officer who’d lived in the local area.

The cosy, Christmas fireside scene features a number of his personal belongings.

Touched by the tribute, the local Salvation Army corps treated the shop’s team and its shoppers to a chorus of Christmas carols to show their appreciation.

Arlene McKenna, area manager for Salvation Army Trading Company said: “The team at the St Andrew’s shop have created a really special feel to the shop this Christmas.

‘‘It has seen shoppers coming in to see the seasonal display and tribute while searching for presents, gifts and seasonal treats.

‘‘ It’s been such as busy period for us, and it’s been genuinely heart-warming to see so many people coming in.

“The team at the St Andrew’s shop have been run off their feet and we expected this to continue well in to the New Year.

‘‘That’s why The Salvation Army is appealing for a band of Sally Army Helpers who can donate as much time as they can to its St Andrews shop.

‘‘Volunteers often don’t realise how valuable they are; a couple of hours or even a few days a week make a huge difference to us.”

Money raised through the St Andrews shop contributes to the Salvation Army’s work with people who are vulnerable and in need, care for older people, help at emergency incidents, support for adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales and a Family Tracing Service.

Over the last five years alone shops and recycling initiatives have raised more than £35 million.