St Andrews trust puts profit back into the community

St Andrews harbour Trust is the recipient of the community trust's largest grant to date - �15,000.
St Andrews harbour Trust is the recipient of the community trust's largest grant to date - �15,000.

St Andrews Community Trust has just celebrated giving away its largest ever grant – £15,000 to the town’s Harbour Trust to help develop new floating pontoons at the harbour.

Since it was launched almost five years ago, organisations in the town have benefited to the tune of almost £400,000.

The cash has gone to a diverse range of bodies – the Harbour Trust, First for Families, Riding for the Disabled and Craigtoun Park among the hundreds who have been able to improve their services thanks to the Community Trust.

Links Trust chief executive Euan Loudon explained the Trust had been set up in 2010 as a means of protecting the St Andrews brand.

“We had become aware there were no mechanisms to control use of our identity,” he said, “and, in our view, our quality and reputation was being impaired. So we worked with St Andrews Community Council and Fife Council to establish the St Andrews Community Trust.”

The Trust has three simple tenets – to control the brand, to generate income through licensing royalties from the brand, and thirdly to distribute those royalties through an independent charitable trust.

Mr Loudon believes the town has benefited in many ways from the establishment of the Trust: “There is a lot to celebrate,” he said, and he promised: “The reputation of St Andrews is a precious thing and we will go on protecting St Andrews’ reputation as long as we possibly can.”

The Community Trust’s chairman, Arthur Griffiths, said the Trust had supported 104 projects, through around 70 St Andrews organisations, in the last five years.

“Our running costs are below three per cent of our income, so virtually all the money we get goes out to projects in the town and surrounding area.” And Mr Griffiths listed some of the bodies whic h have benefited: “Guides, Scouts, youth groups, schools, sports clubs, support groups, the environment and even entertainment. Grants have ranged from £200 to the £15,000 we have just given to the Harbour Trust.”