St Andrews Typhoons to storm the ice

New Ice Hockey team the st Andrews Typhoons.
New Ice Hockey team the st Andrews Typhoons.

St Andrews is home to another new sports team after a group of enthusiastic ice hockey players got together to form the St Andrews Typhoons.

They are only the second University team in Scotland alongside Edinburgh and will play their home matches at the Dundee Ice Arena.

The team recently won four of their six games at the British Universities Championships in Sheffield, narrowly missing out on a place in the semi-finals by one goal.

Edinburgh-born Ollie Cutting is the founder and captain of the club and also a member of British Universities Ice Hockey squad.

“Our first training session was in January and we had 20 players turn up so that was an excellent start,” he explained.

“A lot of our players then came back after break having picked up a lot of their equipment from home so at that stage we were ready to go.

“There’s quite a mix in the team - I’m Scottish and there are a few others from Scotland but the majority are students from north America where the game is really popular.

“When we played down in Sheffield a few of the other teams were pleased to have four or five north Americans in their team and then we told them we had 15!

“Unfortunately we were too late to enter the league this year but we managed to create a bit of a shock down in Sheffield and we became the “team to beat” at one stage.

“We have pretty much broken up for the summer now but there is a real enthusiasm there and we will definitely kick on once we are together again.”