St John’s spire set for £350,000 facelift

St John's Parish Church, Cupar
St John's Parish Church, Cupar

ONE of Cupar’s most prominent landmarks is to be given a major facelift.

The 150-foot spire on St John’s Parish Church is set to undergo extensive repairs thanks to a £25,000 Lottery Heritage Fund grant that will pay for the planning phase of the £350,000 project.

It’s hoped that planning will be complete by next June and that the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland will each contribute a further £125,000 in grant funding.


The congregation then face the daunting task of raising enough money to complete the work, and they hope local businesses in Cupar will contribute.

Ian Wotherspoon, property team leader at St John’s, said: “Apart from the congregation, who use this church as their gathering place, their community place and their place of worship, this St John’s building is a lively community centre used by various organisations.

“The congregation, who in December welcomed Jan Steyn as the new minister of St John’s united with Dairsie, share a sense of enthusiasm and hope for both the future and the community and this grant from the Lottery Fund will surely inspire the congregation and hopefully the community as well.”

The spire, which is the tallest structure in Cupar and an important feature in the townscape, was built in 1879.

Due to rusting iron embedded in the stone by the original builders, the landmark now needs urgent repairs to the stonework.