St Marie’s & the friendly dragon plan a fairyland

The primary two pupils at St Marie's Primary who have been taking part in a Fairyland project.  Picture by Steven Brown.
The primary two pupils at St Marie's Primary who have been taking part in a Fairyland project. Picture by Steven Brown.
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Children at a Kirkcaldy Primary school have been busy helping a friendly dragon to re-build Fairyland.

The friendly dragon has been leaving the P2 pupils at St Marie’s Primary school in Kirkcaldy messages asking them to help him re-build Fairyland by completing various projects.

The children have been growing their own bean stalks from seeds the dragon left, reading lots of fairy tales and decorating the front of their classroom as a castle.

Miss Holligan, primary two teacher at St Marie’s said the project has been a great success. She said: “We first made a giant beanstalk for Jack and learned all about the life cycle of a bean plant.

‘‘We have even been growing our own beanstalks in class!’

“We have also been writing lots of letters to fairy tale characters and to The Friendly Dragon.

“His most recent letter asked us to make a castle for him, so we have been busy turning the outside of our classroom into a castle and creating our own models at home.”

The children will be displaying their castles in the Mercat Shopping Centre, Kirkcaldy over the Spring break and would be delighted if lots of people would come and see them and their attempt to help the friendly dragon repair Fairyland.

Miss Holligan continued: “We have also been learning about all the different parts of castles and what they are used for.

“We have been reading fairy tales every day at story time and hope we can successfully bring Fairyland back to life.”

She added: “We have all really enjoyed this project. There has been so much to do and learn and the children have been very enthusiastic. There is lots of excitement when we receive a visit from the dragon!”

Stephen Roberts, Mercat Centre manager, said people will be able to see the pupils’ hard work in the shopping centre. He said: “We are delighted to have the chance to display these magnificent castles in the Mercat.

“You can really see all the hard work the children have put into them. We also hope to display some of their imaginative letters too.”

Any other local schools wanting to use the Mercat’s community and events space are welcome to do so. They should contact Louise Ciaraldi on (01592) 267998 or email: