St Ninian’s come up trumps with fundraising

St Ninian's Church, Glenrothes. Pics: Steve Brown
St Ninian's Church, Glenrothes. Pics: Steve Brown

The very essence of community spirit in Glenrothes was on show once again this week with the awarding of £10,000 worth of funding to local groups, charities and organisations.

The fantastic sum of money is the result of the continuing efforts of St Ninian’s Church and it’s band of dedicated volunteers and supporters involved in fundraising and from the running of two vital services within Glenwood - the 
community cafe and charity shop.

Tricia Marwick (right) gave out donations worth �10,000 at St Ninian's

Tricia Marwick (right) gave out donations worth �10,000 at St Ninian's

Not only do the two enterprises play a role in supporting the community on a daily basis, but every single penny of profit taken over the counter is directed straight back to a number of worthy causes.

This latest round of bursary awards, the fourth such occasion they have been able to put money back into the community in the last decade, was attended by groups and organisations from across the Glenrothes area, with 16 receiving a much needed cash boost.

Ralph Dean, one of those involved in the project, said the desire from the outset was to give back to the community whatever they could.

“When the idea was conceived more than a decade ago the church wanted to do what ever it could for the local area, because the cafe and shop make a profit, what better way to enhance the lives of local residents than to give back that profit to local groups that are doing so much for people in the area, usually relying only on the good will of volunteers.”

Following a slice of 50th birthday cake, made specially by church organist Debbie Finlay, Glenrothes MSP Tricia Marwick, the Presiding Officer at the Scottish Parliament, was on hand to make the presentations adding it had once again been a privilege and an honour to be able to be involved.

“This is just the most amazing charity, the outreach work that has been done through the church, the shop and the community cafe is very, very special to this part of Glenrothes,” said Mrs Marwick.

“It’s significant that it is the 50th anniversary and this is just the latest example of just how much St Ninian’s is at the heart of the community.

“A figure of £10,000 raised in just a year and then given back to the community is so very special indeed and this is a community that needs it.

“The fact that we have so many people who care about others in the community says a lot about Glenrothes as a town, but more importantly about the town as a community.”

16 reasons to congratulate St Ninian’s Parish Church

Community groups, charities, and good causes from across the Glenrothes area have benefited from St Ninian’s Church in the latest round of awards:

Age Concern Glenrothes - replacement mini bus

Express Group Fife Ltd

Faith and Light Group

Fife Society for the Blind

Fife Taekwando Group

Friends of Glenwood 
Breakfast Club

2nd Glenrothes Girls Brigade

2nd Glenrothes Guides

8th A Glenrothes Brownies

9th Glenrothes Brownies

9th Glenrothes Rainbows

Pitcairn Senior Citizens

Sarah Hendry School of Dancing Southwood Tots

Y Lunches Together (formerly The Gravy Train)

St. Ninian’s Parish Church for a presentation to staff and pupils of Tanshall School which closes on July 3.