Stagecoach considers new bus routes for Glenrothes

Glenrothes Bus Station
Glenrothes Bus Station

Stagecoach is set to consult the Glenrothes community over proposals for a new bus network across town.

The new routes, which can be viewed online, will also be presented to the public in Glenrothes’ Kingdom Centre, Unicorn Square, tomorrow (Friday) between 9.30am until 12 noon.

Among the changes, which are due to take effect in November, Stagecoach propose that six journeys per hour arriving at Glenrothes bus station would, on departure, operate every 30 minutes to Asda in Kirkcaldy, Napier Road, Roxburgh Road and Newcastle (Service 39).

Service 39B (partly replacing X37 and X40) would serve Queensway (for Morrisons), Cadham, Balfarg and Pitcairn,

while Service 39A would run its current route.

In order to maintain the frequency of four buses per hour between Glenrothes bus station and Newcastle, additional service 38 would operate every 30 minutes direct via South Parks Road, omitting Asda.

Service 39B would become service X40 at Pitcairn then operate via via Collydean, Asda, Glenrothes bus station and via the current route through Woodside back to Kirkcaldy.

Stagecoach also propose to run a 15 minute shuttle service from the bus station to Flemington Road (for Morrisons, Aldi, B&M Bargains and Gala Bingo).

Morrisons (Queensway) will have links to Pitteuchar (every 30 minutes, service 39B), Cadham & Balfarg (every 30 minutes, service 39B), Woodside (every 30 minutes, service X40) and Collydean & Pitcairn (every 30 minutes, service X40).

A full list of the proposals can be viewed at where people can also provide feedback before the deadline of Wednesday, September 9.