Standing Stane limit to change to make a safer road

The new limit aims to make the road safer
The new limit aims to make the road safer

Plans to reduce the speed limit on part of the Standing Stane road and connecting routes have been approved by local councillors.

It is hoped the plan, which includes a reduction in the speed limit on the final part of the road to Windygates and Methilhill, will improve the safety of the road.

The changes form part of a wider Route Accident Reducation Plan which conducted an in-depth review of the road, including accidents and road and signage conditions.

Ian Smith, Fife Council lead professional in traffic management for mid-Fife, explained the proposed reduced speed limit on the A915 and side roads at Leven Road, Windygates, Main Street, Methilhill, and Station Road, Windygates, aimed to simplify the range of speed limits and lead to improved speed limit compliance with a positive impact on road safety, particularly at junctions.

Councillor John O’Brien welcomed the report, giving it his full support. He has long campaigned for better safety measures to be brought in on the road. He added: “I’ve wanted to see this for a long time, so it’s really good to see a reduction in speed limits on the Standing Stane.”

Cllr Andrew Rodger said: “We have seen the Standing Stane closed on a number of occasions due to accidents. Is there any way of putting a camera on the route to learn lessons from these incidents and to observe how people are driving? Because this is often down to driver behaviour and error.”

Mr Smith explained that, while the Standing Stane did experience heavy traffic and was viewed as having a high crash rate, it was below the Scottish average for similar types of roads.

He added: “In terms of monitoring, we have used the police CCTV camera vanin the past,. so we can certainly have discussions about using that again. It would be a case of finding a suitable site for it.”

How will the changes look: On the A915 Standing Stane road, from the junction at Percival Road to the Durievale roundabout, the limit will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph. The connecting route into Methilhill along the B932 Main Street will also change from a 60mph to a 40mph to avoid drivers having to adhere to three different limits. A 40mph limit will also be imposed at the beginning of the A911 from Windygates to Glenrothes, while the entrance to Windygates from the Durievale roundabout will go down to 30mph. In a separate report, councillors were also asked to approve a reduction in the limit on part of Percival Road to 30 mph. The total cost of promoting and delivering both of these traffic regulation orders will be £6000.