Standing Stane plan agreed

Standing Stane from Wellsgreen Junction
Standing Stane from Wellsgreen Junction

Fife Council’s Levenmouth area committee has agreed on proposals which will see up to £80,000 spent on improving the A915 Standing Stane road.

Councillors were asked to consider a report on the main route between Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth, which will see a Route Accident Reduction Plan put into action in 2015-16 .

The plan includes upgrading of signs and junction visibility at the Checkbar Road junction and at the junction to Wellsgreen Golf Club, a reduction of the speed limit to 40 mph between Percival Road and the Cameron Roundabout, and refreshed lining and sign replacement along the whole route.

Between 2011-13, there were 72 incidents on the road – three were deemed serious, 28 slightly serious and 41 damage only.

Commenting, Councillor Jim Young queried whether or not the Checkbar Road junction would benefit from better lighting.

Steve Sellars, lead professional (road safety), detailed plans that did not necessarily include lighting, but installation of solar-powered road studs that were lit constantly, compared with the traditional cats’ eyes which show up only when lit by car headlamps.

Cllr John O’Brien was concerned about drivers who undertake dangerous overtaking manoeuvres: “The Standing Stane is a terrible road for overtaking. Some young people completely misjudge it, and although signage might be more expensive, could we not put in double white lines?”

Cllr Alistair Hunter questioned the effectiveness of the measures: “What causes accidents is driver behaviour. Is what we have here going to have the most effective change on driver behaviour?”

Mr Sellars noted that, when interventions such as new signs are inrorduced, there is a decrease in the number of incidents on a road, as even those who drive it every day take notice. “It re-enforces better driving behaviour in their minds,” he said.

Cllr David Graham welcomed the report, noting: “What we have to do is appeal to those using the road every day to drive to the conditions and drive safely.”