Star-studded night in The Voice studio

Debbie in The Voice studio before the final
Debbie in The Voice studio before the final

Reporter Debbie Clarke had the best seat in the house - just behind - on a memorable night!

In real life Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson is a very handsome man ...

That was the thought going through my head as I stood inches away from him on “The Voice” stage on Saturday night at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire.

I was waiting patiently for the nod to speak to our Fife firefighter Stevie McCrorie who had just been declared the winner of the BBC talent show.

I spied Rita Ora’s red chair and seized the opportunity to jump in it for a quick snap and as I finished and stood up - just a few feet away - was the legend himself - Sir Tom Jones!

He was posing for pictures with fans. But before I could make a bee-line for him I was told that Stevie was ready to be interviewed.

Our reporter Debbie Clarke in Rita Ora's red chair!

Our reporter Debbie Clarke in Rita Ora's red chair!

I spoke to the father-of-one as he sat in Sir Tom’s red chair beside his wife Amy. Understandably he was overcome with emotion and it was such a privilege to be able to be there in person to share this special moment with him.

The whole experience was surreal.

Only a few hours before I had been standing on the platform at Kirkcaldy train station waiting to board the train to Edinburgh and here I was now on “The Voice” stage surrounded by celebrities and speaking to the star of the night - our Stevie.

I watched the final from my seat in the audience, with cameras swooping over my head, just a few rows behind judge Will.i.Am, and I was in awe of it all. The atmosphere in the studios was electric.

But the first thing that struck me during the show was how stage managed everything was.

There was a ‘warm up’ guy who instructed us when to clap and told us that we were to support all the acts - and not to boo at anyone as “it wasn’t that kind of show”.

We were even given glow-in-the-dark wristbands so we could wave our hands in the air and be seen as the lights dimmed!

What you see in the studio is nothing like what appears to viewers on the television screen.

For instance everytime they rolled a pre-recorded video of the finalists in their home towns the stage immediately filled with crew members, make-up artists and stylists.

They headed straight to the judges - Sir Tom had his brow dabbed, likely with more foundation, and had his silver hair sprayed, while Rita had her make-up perfected to ensure she looked flawless for the cameras. This seemed to happen on a regular basis throughout the two-hour live show!

We were instructed to keep our mobile phones switched off - I daren’t tweet during the show! - but as soon as it finished, I had my mobile ready to take some video footage. Indeed before the show started I took the chance for a few snaps of the stage as well as the obligatory selfie!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find a way into the after show party - didn’t get a pink wristband - but I left the studio feeling that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

True, you may think that my highlight was getting the chance to sit in Rita’s red chair or to stare longingly at Ricky Wilson, but I have to say my highlight was seeing Stevie singing on stage as the winner of “The Voice”, performing his debut single for the first time, and showing us all that sometimes in life - if you are lucky - your dreams can indeed come true.