Stark warning for Cupar's '˜selfish' drivers from police

Police are cracking down on irresponsible drivers who they say are jeopardising children's safety by ignoring parking restrictions.

Friday, 26th August 2016, 10:17 am
Updated Friday, 26th August 2016, 11:19 am
Police have tried using Pop-Up Bob in a bid to deter the illegal parking

Both South Road and Ceres Road have been the scene of a number of near misses in recent years and a range of measures have been tried to

address the issue.

Earlier this year, the ward officers organised a competition for P7 pupils, who were asked to write a letter highlighting the dangers of inconsiderate and illegal parking outside the school.

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The winner was Samantha Honeyman, whose letter was distributed to parents and guardians.

Even ‘Pop -Up Bob’, the life-sized fake policeman, was deployed at Castlehill in an effort to deter illegal parkers.

But though the tactics led to some success, police and parents remain concerned.

“Local police officers and school management have done an excellent job of trying to tackle the situation”, said one mum of two Castlehill pupils, who didn’t wish to be identified.

“But the main problem, ironically, seems to be the lack of awareness or willingness by parents to recognise that their irresponsible parking is the biggest danger children face.

“It is very unfortunate that the message is not getting through despite several ‘near misses’.

“Perhaps Fife Council and the police need to look at a completely different approach like a temporary no-parking zone around the school times in an attempt to encourage parents to park in nearby car parks and walk the remaining distance with their children to school.”

“This is an issue we must take action on,” parents and guardians have been told by the police.

“We are sure you will agree that the safety of children is paramount.

“The parking restrictions are in place to keep children safe and it is the duty of parents, guardians and other drivers to comply with these restrictions, allowing the journey to school to be a safe one.

“Drivers should not stop or wait in a bus stop where signs are present. No vehicles should stop or be parked on the yellow zig-zag lines.

“Vehicles, except those displaying a blue badge, should not park or wait on double yellow lines.

“If any vehicles are found in contravention of the traffic regulations then this can result in a penalty charge notice being issued with an 
obvious financial penalty attached.”