Station site ready for hand-over


SCOTTISHPower will soon end its association with Methil when it moves off the site of the former power station.

The station was brought to the ground this year and, since then, workers have been preparing the land for a hand-over to owners, Forth Ports.

While Forth Ports told the Mail this week it was “continuing to look at what opportunities were open for the land”, ScottishPower confirmed it was ready to leave.

A spokesperson for the company told the Mail: “The demolition project was a large and complex operation which involved over 150 workers. All the structures have been fully removed and the site has been levelled using crushed material arising from the site.

“Minor works will be completed on the sea wall in the near future. ScottishPower’s lease on the land is due to expire and Forth Ports will have full ownership of the land.”