Status update: Facebook plea got dog back

The Hall family with Sheiyna. Pic: FPA
The Hall family with Sheiyna. Pic: FPA

A grateful Kirkcaldy family has praised friends and family who, through the power of social media, helped them find their beloved dog.

The Hall family, of the town’s Westwood Avenue, were devastated after Sheiyna, their 3½ year old malamute, who they have had from a puppy, went missing after she sneaked out into the garden last Monday evening.

Because she never strays from the garden, the family dad Stuart (43), sons Andy (20), Jordan (19) and Adam (15) and their respective partners, were immediately worried that she had been taken.

“She can open the front door into the garden, but she only ever wanders around there and has never left the garden on her own in the whole time we have had her, so we immediately suspected the worst,” explained Stuart, a full-time carer for his partner Elizabeth Watt (23), who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

After searching the area for almost an hour, Stuart contacted the police, the local vet and the dog warden, and all the family posted messages on their Facebook pages, as well as other local sites asking for any information on their missing pet.

“We posted pictures of Sheiyna and asked everyone to repost the message, and within a few hours it had been shared by hundreds of people.”

The family, who were joined in their search by around a dozen friends and neighbours, kept up their search all night, but with no success. The next day they joined by even more people and continued searching.

A Facebook photo posted on Tuesday took their search to another area of the town.

“We knew it was her from the photo, and we searched the area for hours, doing circuits in different groups,” said Stuart.

They had another tip off but the property identified was empty, so they continued searching. After more feedback on Facebook and further searching they were successful and were finally re-united with an overjoyed Sheiyna.

“We’re over the moon that she’s back safe and we want to thank everyone who help us look for her, posted our appeal and shared it on Facebook. That’s why we got her back so quickly.”