Stay away from car park plead Burntisland pupils

Pupils with banners and placards  at school gates campaigning for safer parking. Picture by FPA.
Pupils with banners and placards at school gates campaigning for safer parking. Picture by FPA.

Pupils from Burntisland Primary School took their road safety message onto the street this week.

After recent concerns were raised by parents and pupils, the school decided to host a ‘Please Park Smart and Keep Us Safe’ event to try to discourage drivers from parking in the school car park, which is only meant to be used by staff.

Emma Clunie, depute head teacher said: “As this is the main entrance to the school for pupils, it is incredibly dangerous at peak times. All of our pupils enter the school via the crossings in the car park area. When parents choose to enter and park in the car park, it becomes a great hazard for our pupils.

“We have sent out letters and emails asking them not to use the car park, but some continue to ignore these.

“We want to keep our pupils safe and we want parents to understand our message, so we contacted our community police officers who agreed to support our campaign.”

Pupils made banners to display on the fences around the car park and the 16 road safety officers from P5-7 protested using placards on Monday morning from 8.30-9.15am.

Mrs Clunie added: “The aim of this was to educate drivers on the importance of keeping us safe, and it has drawn a lot of positive comments, with the car park much quieter.”

Ruth Carson, a P6 road safety officer, said; “We did this because we wanted our school environment to be safe.

“It went quite well. Most drivers learned that they weren’t supposed to park in the school car park and a lot of them turned away and parked somewhere else. Some drivers could have been more respectful though of what we were trying to do.”

Pheobe Czarnota, a P5 road safety officer, added: “We decided to do this event because it was unsafe for children walking to school. When they were using the crossings, cars were driving in to park and it’s dangerous.

“It was a good day to do it because it was raining so it was extra busy with people wanting to drive instead of walk to school.”