Steady stream of people voting throughout the morning

As people from across Fife headed out to cast their vote in the referendum, queues had formed early at the Philp Hall in the Links area of Kirkcaldy.

There were around 28 people gathered around the door as the caretaker let them in to the polling station first thing this morning. Two campaigners from each side have positioned themselves outside the door where, despite the constant stream of drizzle, cheerily greeted those coming in and out of the Hall.

Referendum update

Referendum update

The Better Together and Yes supporters are both happy with the turn out and are now eager to hear the results tomorrow morning.

One voter who stopped to speak to the Press said: “I am not a person who votes regularly at all, but this is such an important event that I felt that I had to come out and make my mark.”

Another commented: “I still can’t believe that the day is here. There has been a lot of campaigning and coverage but at the end of the day, it us, the people who turn up at polling stations across the country who make that all important decision.

“And what a choice it is to make.”