Step one to new Kirkcaldy sea wall

4309p023 promenade 'Kirkcaldy Promenade with big waves - taken 21st October 2009
4309p023 promenade 'Kirkcaldy Promenade with big waves - taken 21st October 2009

FIFE Council has begun the process of searching for a contractor to work on upgrading the sea wall at Kirkcaldy.

The work is part of a £9m plan which will include construction of a rock armour revetment, which will absorb the power of incoming water, and improvements to the existing beach accesses and viewpoints.

The procurement process has begun with works undertaken to include;

l a detailed design of a coast protection scheme,

l assessment of the marine climate to maximise the level of protection against coastal flooding,

l obtaining statutory consents, including Coast Protection consent, Marine Scotland approval,

l all environmental consents and planning consent, and,to undertake further public consultation to promote the scheme.


The project is not anticipated to start until 2013 and Murray Scott, consultant engineer for Fife Council’s transportation and environmental services department, says there is still a lot to do before work can begin.

“We have a deadline for submissions of March 1,” he said.

“After that I expect there to be a shortlist of five to eight potential contractors before we choose our preferred candidate.

Mr Scott estimates that once begun the work will take two years to complete with an element of disruption which is “unavoidable”.

“Many people will recall the work on the sea wall at Dysart and West Wemyss when there was some upheaval,” he said.

“When the work begins on the Prom we anticipate that there will be the same kind of disruption.

‘‘However, this will be taken into account when we are looking at the contractor’s proposal. We will try and keep any inconvenience to locals and visitors to the town to an absolute minimum.

Mr Scott says that the priority is to extend the life of the 90-year-old sea wall and to minimise the chance of flooding.

“We want to get moving forward with this for the town,” he said.