‘Sticks and Stones’ may break my bones but ...

Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson

A Leven film fan is getting behind the camera to create his own masterpiece in the hope he can bring the community together to stop bullying.

Wayne Thomson (32), who is a committee member at the Regent Cinema, wants to make his directorial debut to create an anti-bullying film set in Fife, using local actors.

With help from drama clubs, media organisations and friends, he hopes to make a 35-minute film which could be shown at the Regent and to schools and youth groups.

Wayne told the Mail his inspiration behind the project was having suffered at the hands – and feet – of bullies in his own life.

“My school days were quite horrible,” he said.

“I’d get kicked and pushed in the corridors. People in the class would make me feel bad by telling others I was smelly. It got so bad that I had to get a taxi to school each day.

“This went on for around two years and I told the teachers, who talked to the bullies, but this just made matters worse. I had a terrible time and the horrors of that time still haunt me today.”

Wayne plans to explore why people bully and hopes those who do may recognise some of their own actions and make amends. He also hopes those being bullied can take inspiration from himself and learn there are people and organisations to help.

Filming is planned to take place in 2014 but a cast will be picked beforehand. Anyone wishing to become a cast member, particularly those of school age, should contact Wayne, or ask a parent to, at wayne5482004@yahoo.co.uk or 0780 622 0487.

The not-for-profit film is expected to cost around £2000 to produce. Anyone willing to help with funding or make a donation is also asked to contact Wayne.

Wayne has already worked on a draft of the script for his film ‘Sticks and Stones’ and had it looked over by industry experts.

Lead character and new girl Hollie makes friends with Angel, much to the distaste of three of Angel’s existing friends.

Rumours are spread about Hollie in a bid to turn Angel against her. The pressure gets too much for a paranoid Hollie.