Still singing the Blues after 23 years

The Blues Band are at Adam Smith Theatre in May
The Blues Band are at Adam Smith Theatre in May

ALMOST two and a half decades after they formed, The Blues Band still continue to add to their army of followers.

Any they hope to add more on their visit to Fife next month.

The individual members were already held in admiration by generations of rhythm and blues fans when they formed back in 1979, and now more than 16 albums later they are acknowledged throughout Europe and beyond as being among the very finest purveyors of rhythm and blues.

They have inspired numerous other blues bands, many of which have come and gone, but The Blues Band have remained a constant, increasingly popular fixture.

Featuring Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness, Dave Kelly, Gary Fletcher and Rob Townsend, The Blues Band are Britain’s finest, most skilled practitioners in the art of blues.

The Blues Band will be at Kirkcaldy’s Adam Smith Theatre on May 12.