Still time to apply to university this year: UCAS

The June 30 deadline for university applications is fast approaching.The June 30 deadline for university applications is fast approaching.
The June 30 deadline for university applications is fast approaching.
If you have been thinking about applying to study at university this year, there's still time to put in an application '“ but just remember the June 30 deadline.

That’s the message from UCAS – the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education in the UK.

Although the ‘on time’ deadline passed in January, applicants can still apply for up to five choices if they submit their application by 6pm (UK time) on June 30.

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While universities and colleges are not obliged to consider anyone at this stage, admissions officers still want to hear from people who would like to start studying this September.

It’s worth noting that applications can be submitted after this deadline, but they will automatically enter Clearing.

Louise Evans, Head of Adviser Experience at UCAS, said: “If you missed the January deadline but are still keen to find a course starting this year, there is still time to be made an offer if you apply now.

“Although there are no guarantees at this stage, a strong application will be treated seriously if the university or college has places available.

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“So make sure you research thoroughly, choose your courses and places of study carefully, and write a strong personal statement.

“Remember that you will be spending at least three years studying and the decision must be the right one for you.”

To research courses, visit the search tool at You’ll also find a wealth of advice on writing a powerful personal statement on the UCAS website.

Following UCAS on Twitter – @ucas_online – will give you access to the most common questions from applicants, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can ask the experts a question yourself.

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