Stop and search success

A police operation to crack down on bogus workmen and traffic offences
A police operation to crack down on bogus workmen and traffic offences

Police in Kirkcaldy carried out a stop and search operation yesterday (Wednesday) in a bid to crack down on bogus callers and workmen.

In conjunction with Customs and Excise and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), the teams stopped vehicles on Randolph Place looking for stolen goods and to check whether vehicles were properly taxed and that drivers were licensed.

Sergeant Darren Kenyon said the location was ideal for catching any vehicle which could be breaking the law.

“It’s a good place to stop vehicles as there is a lot of traffic heading towards the Randolph Industrial Estate,” he said.

“We also have cars watching vehicles approach at the end of the A92 with scanning equipment so that if they pick up anything that they think should be looked at, then the vehicle can be stopped and brought here.

“Primarily we’re looking at industrial theft such as scrap metal or other materials but also offences such as overloading or vehicles having no licenses.”

As the team stopped cars and vans throughout the course of the day a number were found to be causing different offences.

Sgt Kenyon said: “So far it’s gone well. We’ve caught quite a few vehicles today for varying traffic offences and have two individuals locked up on warrant.

“It’s part of an ongoing operation but I think today can be hailed as a success.”

The operation comes just a week after a bogus workman was jailed in Kirkcaldy for defrauding two pensioners and Sgt Kenyon stressed that it wasn’t finished yet.

He said: “It’s important that we carry out operations like today’s.

“We’re Police Scotland now and I think it gives peace of mind to the public when they can see a presence looking on the streets.

“Catching these people is a priority.”