‘Stop parking on the pavement’ plea to motorists in east end of Kirkcaldy

Shop owners have put up their own signs
Shop owners have put up their own signs

Shop owners have taken matters into their own hands over a dispute about car parking issues in Kirkcaldy High Street.

Many shops along the east end have been putting signs in their windows to try to deter shoppers from parking on the pavements - and to warn them that the area is patrolled rgeularly.

The yellow posters warn against parking there as traffic attendents ‘‘like to give out tickets!’’

Despite these signs, the use of the pavements as parking spaces, is still very much an issue for some businesses.

Vans making deliveries are having difficulty getting parked to unload safely - and pedestrians are finding it challenging to walk along the pavements because of the number of cars.

Dave Ramsay, manager of Dragon’s Den, said: “People have been using the footpath to park and it is a nightmare.

‘‘There are sometimes three or four cars parked right outside my shop.

“It certainly isn’t safe for those walking along the pavement. I’ve nearly been knocked down myself.

“If you ask them to move their car, which I have done several times, they point blank refuse to do so or tell you that they won’t be long. In some cases, I’ve even had some abuse from them.

“There are traffic wardens who do come around and issue tickets to those that are parked, but it doesn’t seem to stop them using the pavement as a car park.

‘‘I know I am not alone in having problems.

‘‘It is worse when deliveries are being made as there is nowhere for the vans to safely park. We can’t have the delivery drivers parking too far away; it doesn’t make sense.

“Something really has to be done.”

A number of businesses have approached the Council about this issue on more than one occasion.

‘‘At the moment, there are Fife Council cones along the pavement outside some shops in the east end to stop people parking. Despite this, the problem is still there.

Tony McRae, lead professional for Fife Council, said: “The east end of Kirkcaldy High Street is patrolled daily by our parking attendants.

“Any vehicles found to be in contravention of the parking and waiting restrictions are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

“In the areas where loading is permitted, the parking attendants will allow delivery vehicles sufficient time to load and unload their goods.

“In view of the concerns raised, the Council will arrange to have some extra patrols target this area and take positive action.

“Should further measures, such as no waiting cones be required, we will consider this on an individual basis with the relevant businesses.”