Stop spoiling Silverburn for others

Silverburn in Leven
Silverburn in Leven

A LEVEN dog walker, who frequently uses Silverburn Park, has called on fellow visitors not to spoil the much-loved facility for others.

Kathleen Moffat made the plea after visiting Silverburn at around midday on Sunday with her sister, where they were confronted by people camping on the main grassed area between the two houses.

Ms Moffat said whoever was there had smashed a number of beer bottles and left rubbish scattered around, making the park not only unsightly but also dangerous.

Ms Moffat, who has previously fallen and cut her lip on a piece of broken glass at the park, said it was disgusting.

She added: “Whoever it was started shouting at us from their tent for making noise when we tried to clear some of it up, so at that point, we phoned the police.

“It’s not right that people spoil it for others. When we were leaving, we met a family with four children who were arriving for a picnic and we had to tell them to go the gardens instead.”

Fife Police confirmed officers attended Silverburn on Sunday and issued a man and a woman with anti-social behaviour fixed penalty tickets.