Strathkinness road work the final straw?

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Strathkinness could be about to lose its last shop and post office.

The business on Main Street has been relying on passing trade to survive, but now owner Kevin Taylor fears the disruption caused by recent roadworks could be the final straw.

Kevin, who runs the shop with his wife, Susan, is having to face up to the fact that turnover is not sufficient to sustain the shop much longer.

The couple have gone without a salary for the past six months in a final attempt to keep the shop open.

But if trade doesn’t pick up within the next few weeks, they will be forced to pull the plug on the business they have run for years from the front of their family home.

“The roadworks has been the final nail in the coffin,” Kevin told the Citizen.

“We haven’t been getting enough support from the village and it doesn’t look like we will be compensated by Fife Council for the disruption of the roadworks.


“I was born and raised in Strathkinness and I certainly don’t want to be the local boy who closes down the last shop. But we don’t make enough to pay ourselves a salary and we can’t carry on like that.

“Four years ago our accountant advised us to shut the shop and at that stage I could have got another job in my trade, joinery.

‘‘We decided to carry on but things haven’t improved and now it is pretty much impossible for me to get work elsewhere.

“If it does close we will stay on in the village. This is my family home and we will make ends meet one way or another.”

The couple contacted the council to find out if they could be compensated for the loss of trade caused by the roadworks.

However, they were not encouraged by the response from the council who sent them a third party motor vehicle insurance claim form!


One of the shop’s regular customers believes losing the shop would be a blow to other businesses as well as the residents of Strathkinness.

Moira Burns, who runs a nearby bed and breakfast, uses the Main Street shop as much as possible.

“I come in as often as I can,” she said.

“I use the post office facilities a lot and having somewhere close by for newspapers and fresh rolls is ideal for the B and B.

“It would be a real blow if we were to lose it. I don’t think it’s a good thing to have a dead village with housing and nothing else.”

Dave Smeaton, of Fife Council’s roads management, told the Citizen the council doesn’t have a duty to pay compensation but does have a have a statutory duty to maintain the roads.

He added: “We sometimes have to close a road when works are being carried out but this decision is taken as a last resort and is put in place to protect the safety of the travelling public and the site workforce.”