Stuart grins & bears it ...

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A FORMER Kirkcaldy man says he is very excited about the future after the BBC launch of a new children’s animation series he is involved in.

Stuart Galloway (54), son of David Galloway who owns the Pet Shop in Kirkcaldy, is a founder member and director with Annix Studios, creators and producers of the new children’s show ‘Little Charley Bear’ which had its first showing on CBeebies on Monday.

Featuring the voice of James Corden and a cast of computer generated toys, the show has already attracted a big following on Twitter and, with the production company of ‘Bob the Builder’ behind it, it is being rumoured to be the big children’s animation hit of 2011.

Stuart was born in Kirkcaldy and was a pupil at Balwearie High School.

He went on to study photography and film at Birmingham Polytechnic, and has been involved in numerous big film and television productions in his career, including the original ‘Superman’ film and Tim Burton’s ‘The Corpse Bride’.


He left Kirkcaldy when he was 21 and now lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and has a grown up daughter.

His job involves the lighting and photography as well as visual effects of the production process.

Annix Studios was formed by Stuart’s friends Daniel Pickering and Anthony Haylock about four years ago and he became involved in the latter stages of the set up.

“The idea for ‘Little Charley Bear’ was one on Dan’s from the very early days.

‘‘He had pitched it to television companies before, but was turned down.

‘‘We picked up on it again a few years ago and it has taken two years in the making.

“We made a pilot episode and the BBC expressed an interest in it.

New funding

‘‘Sadly we lost our funder at an early stage, but, by a stroke of luck we were put in touch with Keith Chapman of Chapman Entertainment which was behind ‘Bob the Builder’ and ‘Fifi And The Flowertots’ and he decided it was good and wanted to help fund it.

“We currently have a contract to produce 52 episodes and we have already made 26, so things are looking very positive.

“This is our first independent production through Annix and we are all very excited about it.

‘‘It already has a big following on Twitter, so who knows what the future could bring?”