Student ban on after-parties at May Dip

Students at May Dip.
Students at May Dip.

Students have been warned that after-parties following the annual May Dip on Monday will not be tolerated.

Hundreds of University of St Andrews students are expected to brave the icy North Sea at East Sands at dawn in a tradition that commemorates 19th century student John Honey, who is credited with rescuing five sailors from a stricken vessel outside St Andrews harbour in 1800.

While behaviour had improved last year, Dr Chris Lusk, director of student services, has made it clear that there is a ban of any after-parties, which in the past have led to anti-social behaviour lasting throughout the morning and spreading into the town.

“Any students participating in loud, confrontational or uncivilised behaviour, disturbing the townspeople and visitors, will be presented to the Proctor of the University for Level Three disciplinary procedures,” Dr Lusk said in an email to all students.

“These result in the strictest repercussions/penalties, up to and including expulsion from the university.”

The hard line was being taken following poor conduct at Raisin Sunday, which led to some students being suspended from the university..

“We simply cannot have one fun event for thousands of students reduced to a disreputable memory by a very few thoughtless and arrogant individuals,” the director continued.

The ban also extends to loudspeakers so that sound does not disturb nearby residents.

There was also a warning about rubbish on the beach after the “excessive and embarrassing” amount of litter left behind last year.

The university has asked Fife Council for a special pick-up but students were advised: “Pick up your own mess so that nature lovers/dog walkers do not come out in a matter of hours and have to pick their way through your debris.”

St Andrews students at the annual May Dip.

St Andrews students at the annual May Dip.