Student fund announced at Little Raith’s official opening

Brian Kennedy and Jim Leishman at the opening of Little Raith windfarm
Brian Kennedy and Jim Leishman at the opening of Little Raith windfarm

A FUND to help Fife college students is being blown their way thanks to the output from the area’s first commercial wind farm.

Details of the sponsorship scheme were announced by Brian Kennedy, chairman of Kennedy Renewables, at a ceremony to mark the official opening of his company’s Little Raith wind farm.

The farm, which sits close to Lochgelly and Cowdenbeath, became fully operational in November last year but was officially opened this week by Provost of Fife, Councillor Jim Leishman.

Mr Leishman also presented a cheque for £40,125 to representatives of The Four Winds Development Trust, the body set up to control the community benefit funds that accrue from the output of the nine turbines on site.

Kennedy Renewables will contribute around £49,500 a year to local projects and over the lifetime of the scheme this will amount to £1.5 million with inflation.

It will also fund a sponsorship scheme that will see it provide IT equipment for the use of students on the Wind Turbine Technician course at Carnegie College and offer training opportunities, along with its associates GE Energy, for the students at the Little Raith site.

The opening ceremony and sponsorship announcement was also attended by Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance who described the farm as “a welcome development in the area”, Cowdenbeath MSP Helen Eadie and Fife councillors.

Speaking there Mr Kennedy reiterated his support to the area.

He said: “We’re delighted with the welcome we’ve received in Fife and the assistance we had from all those associated with the Little Raith project.

“We need to ensure there’s a steady supply of well skilled workers for the industry and this sponsorship scheme is a small contribution towards making that happen.”

Provost Leishman added: “I’m delighted to officially open Little Raith wind farm.

“Fife Council looks forward to working with Kennedy Renewables on their other exciting initiatives.”


Graham Lang, chairman of Scotland Against Spin (SAS), an anti wind farm group alliance, again expressed his disappointment about the farm this week.

He described it as a “defining landmark” and said the turbines are “overbearing”.

He added: “On this sad occasion SAS sends its condolences to all those affected by the development.”