Students benefit from Bobby Jones legacy

Robert T Jones Memorial Scholars and University staff
Robert T Jones Memorial Scholars and University staff

As golf’s oldest championship returns to the Home of Golf, the legacy of golf legend Robert T. Jones lives on in the town through a scholarship.

It has forged a permanent bond between the University of St Andrews and Atlanta’s Emory University, of which Jones was an alumnus.

The Robert T. Jones Memorial Trust Scholarship was established 30 years ago in memory of the American golfer, who achieved his most significant victory at St Andrews.

This year, the University of St Andrews has selected five exceptional students to participate in the prestigious Bobby Jones Scholarship and Fellowship programme.

The scholarship was established by friends and admirers five years after the death of Jones in 1971 to perpetuate his memory in the hearts and minds of the young, and to forge a permanent link between St Andrews and Emory.

Jones said: “I could take out of my life everything but my experiences here in St Andrews and I would still have had a rich and full life.”

Jones Scholars are selected on the basis of their academic ability and personal attributes.

There are 10 Jones Scholars and Fellows each year, five at each University. The Scholarship students going to Emory this year are Morag Hossack, Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes, Campbell Hastings and Harri Thomas and the Fellow is Callum Woolley.

Jones Scholarships are awarded for one year, with the Fellowship awarded for two years, allowing students to spend their time living and studying in the States/St Andrews, further developing the transatlantic ties which were so important to Bobby Jones.

The group met recently, with Emory students in St Andrews to celebrate their award.