Studio is scene’s beating heart

Tomas Bird & the Blonde Spirit rehearse at Tinpan Alley Recording Studios, Leslie
Tomas Bird & the Blonde Spirit rehearse at Tinpan Alley Recording Studios, Leslie

A RECORDING studio in Leslie is aiming to become the Motown or Factory of Scotland, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

Music fanatic and DJ, Mike Gregor alongside cousin, Scott have a vision of Tinpan Alley studios being used more as a communal meeting place and creative hive for musicians, rather than merely just a place to record.

The once derelict building has been transformed into a number of multi functional rehearsal rooms and recording spaces that have been attracting the best musical talent for some time.

Mike explained: “The studio was initially an out of control hobby. But there has been a lot of money spent on bringing the rooms up to a level where bands can feel comfortable and creative.

“We are now getting some of Fife’s best bands regularly using the facilities.”

Fife favourites, Sergeant used it as their home for two years and now a number of the current crop of bands including Tomas Bird and the Blonde Spirit, Catch 22s and Lost Generation can all be heard honing their style at the studios.

The studios will soon be offering teenagers wanting to form a band the chance to ‘plug in and play.’

Mike said: “Kids don’t need an XBox to play guitar, they need a guitar.

“We offer kids just starting a band a chance to plug straight in and make some real sounds and get a feel for playing as a group.”

Pulling together his DJ and promoting skills. Mike now hopes to generate a network for promoting the Fife music scene .He said: “With a host of digital platforms that bands can engage, the studio wants to be at the heart of that.”