Sub-sea coal project talks with oil baron

Tom Adams
Tom Adams

Oil baron Algy Cluff is due in Levenmouth on Friday for closed-door talks over his ambitious hopes for burning sub-sea coal off Fife’s coast.

Mr Cluff is meeting Fife Council representatives for discussions on the process known as underground coal gasification (UCG).

He is due to meet Councillors Tom Adams and Neil Crooks, respectively chairmen of the Levenmouth and Kirkcaldy area committees, at the Fife Renewable Energy Centre in Methil.

Afterwards, Cllr Adams said he intends to organise a public meeting in Levenmouth, so that local people can be kept informed of progress.

If the scheme is approved, Mr Cluff hopes to ignite coal beneath the Firth of Forth at Largo Bay and Kincardine, and pipe the gas to shore .

He has already been granted licences from the Coal Authority for the procedure, which it’s thought, could fuel Britain cheaply and efficiently for many years.

Fears have been expressed, however, that the process could have grave environmental risks, if Fife’s rising mine water levels were polluted with carcinogenic chemicals.