Subscribe to your local paper & save up to 35%

OUR newspapers are going up in price, but there is a simple way to beat the increase AND make big savings.

We offer subscriptions to all of our papers in Fife - and the good news is we are freezing them for the next four weeks to allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the Fife Free Press, East Fife Mail, Glenrothes Gazette, Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen.

Fife titles for subscription promo

Fife titles for subscription promo

It’s a fabulous offer, and one many readers have already snapped up.

Subscribe for 12 months at any time and you will save 25% - but sign up before the end of June and that saving rockets to between 30% and 35%

That’s the equivalent of 13 weeks of FREE news!

Subscribe for six months and you will save 15% - another fantastic deal which keeps you in touch with what is happening on your doorstep.

The good news is when you subscribe, you still buy your paper from your local shop.

The only difference is you have paid up front and you hand over a small voucher from a book we send to you.

And while everyone else in the queue is paying 80 pence for the Fife Free Press, you’ll be handing over the equivalent of just 52 pence.

And THAT is a remarkable saving in anyone’s eyes.

Fife titles for subscription promo

Fife titles for subscription promo

Put it another way, you get an entire year of the Fife Free Press for just £27.

That works out at 60 per copy (on a 12-month subscription) or 68p on a six-month sign-up.

Subscribe to the Glenrothes Gazette andf the price comes down to 48p and 55p respectively, while the East Fife Mail will be just 52p (59p), and the Fife Herald/st Andrews Citizen 60p/68p

That includes every edition and in-paper supplement - from our Primary One photo album to the FP100 to our bumper Christmas edition.

You get all the news that matters to you - stories about people you know, events happening in your community.

And subscribing is easy.

You can do it online.

Simply visit and select the title you want - follow the instructions and it’s all done in minutes.

You can also subscribe over the phone.

Simply call 0844 991 6464 during office hours - calls cost 5p per minute.

And you are very welcome to pop into our offices in Kirkcaldy and Cupar and subscribe in person. Our reception staff will be happy to help you.

We’re doing all we can to minimise the impact of our prices rises - sign up, save and enjoy your local paper for a fraction of the cost in the shops!