Success of weight-loss programme in Fife

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre
Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre

A unique weight-loss scheme launched over a year ago is being hailed a success in helping Fifers to lose pounds and improve their health and wellbeing.

Winning by Losing Active is an adult healthy weight management programme which focuses on more than just healthy eating and offers physical activity sessions to help achieve long-term results.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust devised the programme of classes made up of 45-minutes physical activity followed by 15-minutes of healthy eating and a weigh-in.

Since its launch in January 2014, 1,987 people have joined classes at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre, Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre in Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre and Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline.

Working in partnership with NHS Fife, the classes update the previous Winning by Losing programme by focusing on physical activity and how it can be used everyday life, nutritional choices and portion sizes.

Feedback from the programme shows that, on average, participants lose 10 per cent of their weight-loss goal within 15 weeks – this is due to the combination of education, physical activity and an easy eating plan.

Jacquie Stringer, health and physical activity manager, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “We’ve had a great response to the launch of Winning by Losing Active which is really encouraging and demonstrates people who have perhaps tried traditional diets or weigh-in type classes are looking for something which will actually deliver long-term results.

“Participants enjoy the support from others and they benefit from the weekly weigh-in, most encouragingly, we hear regularly that not only do people notice the weight loss, but they see an improvement in overall health and wellbeing – some have even eliminated health conditions they were experiencing.”

Full details of Winning by Losing Active can be found on Fife Sports and Leisure Trust’s website