Summer work set to improve Methil docks

Damage at the docks: MSP David Torrance, James Kilday (treasurer) & Scott Greer (secretary)
Damage at the docks: MSP David Torrance, James Kilday (treasurer) & Scott Greer (secretary)
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A DIRECTOR of the company in charge of maintaining the sea wall at dock no.3, part of which recently collapsed, has said repairs will be carried out this summer.

Scott Harper is a director at Methil Dock No.3 Assets LTD, which took over the running of dock no.3 from Scottish Enterprise.

Speaking to the Mail, Mr Harper said although the damage to the wall looks extensive, the situation is not as serious as it may appear.

“The structural integrity of the main sea wall has not been compromised,” said Mr Harper.

“Inspections have been carried out and we had some survey work done last year, but as you can imagine, finding the money for something like this isn’t something that happens quickly.”

Mr Harper confirmed to the ‘Mail’ that repairs to the wall would be included in a full programme of repair work in and around the dock that was already planned to take place this summer.

“Work was already planned for that area, but now we just need to take account of the fact that some of the wall has collapsed.

“I’ve spoken to a couple of engineers and they have said it will actually be easier to repair the wall now than it would have been before.”

Mr Harper added: “The work itself will probably take two or three months.”

Both Scott Greer, secretary of Methil Boat Club and David Torrance MSP raised concerns over safety in the area, as many people still gain access to the end of the dock on the damaged walk way.

Mr Harper confirmed that he had actioned a semi permenant barrier to be erected on the sea wall to disuade the public from using the area.

However, Mr Greer confimed to the Mail on Monday that no barrier had been put in place, and no-one had been to the site for at least two to three weeks.

When asked about funds put in place by Scottish Enterprise, estimated by members of the boat club at £750,000, before the hand over, Mr Harper said he did not believe it to be that high an amount.

“Scottish Enterprise did provide an endowment for the insurance of the dock and repairs, however I don’t think it was as much as £750,000.

“The insurance premium needed for the dock has trebelled since it was taken out, and although the funds used to accrue a lot of interest, as people will know, interest rates are now no longer what they used to be.”