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A Ceres dad of four has told how he’s lucky to be alive after medical ‘super heroes’ diagnosed a rare condition in the nick of time.

Painter and decorator Kevin Halley (35) is recovering at home with his family after a terrifying experience that could have cost him his

He had emergency surgery in the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, for a strangulated Meckels diverticulum - a condition that affects just two per cent of the population and which has usually been diagnosed by the age
of two.

Left untreated, it can cause serious complications and even prove

But in Kevin’s case, he didn’t know he had a problem until he began having niggling pains, which he put down to over-indulgence on holiday the week

When the pain got worse and medication from his GP didn’t help, his worried wife Sandra drove him to the Victoria Hospital, where he spent two agonising days undergoing

“I had never felt pain like it and I hope I never do again,” said Kevin.

“I was literally rolling about in agony.

“The doctors were baffled and eventually they had no choice other than to cut me open, which was when they discovered that the diverticulum had died inside me and was wrapped round my small intestine.

“I can’t praise the medical team highly enough for the care I

“Everyone from the admissions staff to the team in the high dependency unit were super heroes.

“I’m lucky to be alive thanks to them.”