Support for Tanshall is ‘astonishing’

Tanshall Primary School parents protest against possible closure by Fife Council.
Tanshall Primary School parents protest against possible closure by Fife Council.

TANSHALL Councillor Peter Grant has renewed his call for a halt to plans to close the primary school at the recent Glenrothes Area Committee.

Mr Grant said figures released by Fife Council showed an “astonishing” level of support from parents in other areas.

He said that a report delivered to committee members showed that nearly half the current roll at the school is made up of pupils from other areas whose parents have chosen to send them to Tanshall.

“The report was designed to give the impression that parents in Tanshall were avoiding the school but in fact it shows the opposite”, Mr Grant later told the Gazette.

“For every child from Tanshall who attends another school there are two children from other catchment areas whose parents choose to send them to Tanshall Primary.

“Almost half the pupils at Tanshall Primary are there, not because that’s where they live, but because that’s where their parents want to send them to school.

“This is an astonishing vote of confidence from parents and we can only wonder why the council chose not to draw it to the attention of councillors.”

Tanshall school is earmarked for closure as part of a Fife-wide school estates review.

Already, parents have mounted two demonstrations and have vowed to fight the closure proposal ahead of the statutory consultation period.

Mr Grant added: “These parents obviously know there’s something very special about Tanshall Primary or they wouldn’t choose to send their children there. At the moment Fife Council has no idea what that something special might be, and they don’t seem to care.”