Support for Yes ‘surging’ says Kirkcaldy MSP

David Torrance MSP
David Torrance MSP

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance says the last month has seen a huge surge in support for the Yes campaign.

Mr Torrance has been busy campaigning with Yes Kirkcaldy and says the results have convinced him that they can win the referendum vote.

He said: “I’m very positive about the outcome on Friday morning.

“We’ve been in contact with so many Yes voters and in all the years I’ve campaigned I have never seen this - the sheer number of people on their doorsteps who are Yes.

“Something’s changed over the last four or five weeks, there’s a sea coming towards us from the Yes support.

“We’ve got massive teams going out now leafleting and canvassing and I’ve never seen goodwill towards the Yes campaign like this as I have in the last four or five weeks.”

The polls have the Yes and No camps evenly matched but the SNP MSP simply says they are wrong.

“You can go back to the Scottish General Election in 2011 which had Labour 11 points ahead on the day of the election and in the end they were beaten by that amount.

‘‘So the polls were 22 per cent out then, and of course it depends what percentage of the population they’ve picked and what areas they’ve picked.

‘‘Are the pollsters going to go into areas of depravation? That’s where we’re finding enormous support towards us.”

Mr Torrance says the Yes campaign will have a presence at every polling station today and they will be knocking on doors, urging their supporters to get out and vote.

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” he said.

“I think there will be a record turn-out of any UK election or referendum and that’s got to be good for democracy, you will get an accurate view of the population’s views.”

Mr Torrance has a final plea for voters: “Please go out and vote Yes.

“It’s for the future of our country and we will never get this chance again.

“It’s for the future of my kids and hopefully my grandkids, that I can give them a real positive future to look forward to in an independent country.”