Surreal comedy magic courtesy of Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding.  Picture by Jane Barlow.
Noel Fielding. Picture by Jane Barlow.

Noel Fielding brought his surreal brand of comedy to packed out Alhambra Theatre last night - bringing with him a host of different characters.

Having not performed stand up for five years since his days in the Mighty Boosh, which was a blur of blue safari suits and future saliors, Noel was on top form involving the crowd - whether they wanted to be or not!

Getting the audience ready for the evening’s entertainment with a cracker of a line “What’s the first rule of Fife club?”, everyone knew they were in for a stonker of a night from the comedian.

Introducing characters throughout the night from old favourites The Moon, who now has another side to him, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, to newbies Fantasy Man, Johnny Ramone and Sargeant Raymond Boombox, Noel’s alter egos all had a chance to shine.

The highlight of the evening came in the shape of audience member Steve who was plucked from the crowd to rescue Noel who had been held captive in Plasticine World by the Minotaur and the reverse Minotaur (with Greig Wallace’s head) at the order of Gordon the triangle that had seduced his wife...

I did say that it was surreal...

Noel’s talent of making the audience fall in love with him and his child-like innocence was not lost on Dunfermline with visitors coming from all corners of Scotland to see the funny man unleash his psychedelic magic.

Having the audience eating out of his hands for just over two hours, it certainly wasn’t long enough as Noel could certainly keep you entertained for hours at a time.

He definitely is welcome back to Fife any day.