Sweet home, Chicago

Chicago at the Alhambra in Dunfermline''(c) David Wardle
Chicago at the Alhambra in Dunfermline''(c) David Wardle

Allan Crow reviews the hit musical ‘Chicago’ as it opens at the Alhamba Theatre, Dunfermline

Alhambra Theatre

IT comes with a pedigree of six Tony and two Oliver awards, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Chicago is as sassy as ever thanks to a very tightly choreographed show which draws you into a story of murder and sheer naked ambition.

Ali Bastian stars as Roxie Hart, the nightclub singer on trial for shooting her lover and relying on the smooth talking legal eagle Billy Flynn (Stefan Booth) to save her - and her prison rival Velma - from swinging from the end of a rope.

Roxie’s a complex character - demanding, self-centred and also deeply vulnerable. Bastain brought out all those charactertiscs, and injected a good deal of humour and visality in several dance routines.

The stage setting also oozed of 1920s Chicago - the era of prohibition and the speakeasy - while the entire cast delivered all the big numbers with real style.

Special mention too to Jamie Baughan as Roxie’s spurned husband, Amos, who brought real dignity to ‘Mr Cellophane’ - it may have all the jazz of the famous showstoppers, but it really sits at the very heart of this fabulous musical.

And this show still razzles, and still dazzles.

The perfect pre-Christmas treat.

Chicago, Until December 15.

Box office: (01383) 740384