Take centre stage with the ‘Fife 150’

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An innovative new sponsorship plan has been launched across the Kingdom which rewards businesses for their annual fee.

ON at Fife, the new name for Arts and Theatres Trust Fife, has launched Fife 150, a scheme where businesses will receive up to 150% of an annual fee back in meeting room hire, show tickets and other benefits.

Bill Mair, ON at Fife Funding Development Officer, believes Fife 150 is completely unique. ““We don’t know of any plan like it anywhere.

“We took an early run up at it late last year and recruited some members with the intention of giving it a big push in 2012.

“We’ll be having our first event on February 10 with a business breakfast at Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline which will give us a chance to get more businesses involved - and it’s also a great networking opportunity.

“We’re also drawing up plans for more events over the course of the year at each of our four locations - Adam Smith Theatre, Rothes Hall, Carnegie Hall and the Lochgelly Centre.

“The feedback we’ve had has been excellent so far.”

Fourteen businesses have signed up already including marketing company Best of Fife. Owner Mark Garland said: “It’s the best business deal I’ve ever come across.

“Just having your company logo on display on the website and in each of the four venues alone is a great deal.

‘‘To have all the other benefits available on top of that is fantastic.’’

As part of the Fife 150 plan Mark was able to take his family to see The Singing Kettle - free of charge.

“My children were excited to see my company logo on display as well as enjoying the show,” he said.

Bill Mair said: “In these times we all need to look for intelligent solutions for funding - Fife 150 is an effective answer.”

>>For further information on Fife 150 contact Bill Mair on 08451 555555 ext 493338 or email bill.mair@onfife.com