Tale of the loathsome pine

Dunino Primary School (picture by Dave Scott)
Dunino Primary School (picture by Dave Scott)

A tree issue has stumped people in Anstruther.

The town’s Christmas tree is still standing at its spot by the harbour, more than two months after the festive season.

The Christmas tree, still up at Anstruther harbour (SSFM 1014062 Neil Doig)

The Christmas tree, still up at Anstruther harbour (SSFM 1014062 Neil Doig)

A root and branch review was under way to determine who was responsible for removing it.

Local community council members understood Fife Council had the task of taking away the tree after the Christmas festivities were all over.

But the local authority has confirmed it’s the community council which is responsible for its installation and removal.

However, because of a shortage of resources, Fife Council’s lead professional for mid-Fife maintenance operations, Jim Coleman, said it would be removed at no cost to the community council, as a goodwill gesture.

The community council organises the annual switch-on and celebration ceremony and normally liaises with Fife Council and other groups.

Before yesterday’s (Tuesday) statement from Fife Council, patience was wearing thin among some residents over the tree still being up, with one tweeting it was a “disgrace”.

A St Monans resident added: “Is it not about time the Community Council took it away? Maybe they are planning to leave it there as part of the summer floral displays!”

Words such as “derisory” and “a joke” were contained in other comments.

The tree was gifted to a very grateful town by the Balcaskie Estate and arrived in early December, just a few days before the switching on of the lights and the Christmas celebrations.

Time and harsh weather have naturally taken their toll on the tree.

The community council has already said it is considering a new location for the tree in 2014, with Bankie Park or the new-look Dreel Halls among the possibilities.