talkin’ ‘bout my generation ...

KIRKCALDY;'Fair Isle PS P4/5 pupils recording CD of 'intergenerational' stories in the studio'photo; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Fair Isle PS P4/5 pupils recording CD of 'intergenerational' stories in the studio'photo; WALTER NEILSON

A MUSIC project to help bridge the generation gap is hitting all the right notes.

The initiative to produce a CD based on older people’s experiences is being run as a collaboration between two Kirkcaldy primary schools and the town’s YMCA, which has its own purpose-built recording studio.

Older people from the community visited the schools and told stories about growing up in their community – the schools they attended, the jobs they did, and how much the community has changed over the decades.

Pupils worked with staff at the YM to pick out the stories they liked best and develop them into themes - before turning them into song lyrics and also drawings.

They then worked with the music staff to come up with the melody before the songs were recorded at the YM’s Valley Gardens studio and turned into a CD, designed by the young people themselves.

Own culture

Gary Hughes, youth worker, said: “The aim was to encourage young people to work alongside older people and vice versa to develop relationships and a shared learning experience.

“We put great stock in young people learning about their own culture, including music, poetry and the local dialect.

‘‘We want to encourage them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. We also want to encourage more youngsters to take up music and continue that when they go to secondary school.

CD recording

“The project is a great example of how both schools are embracing the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and helping enrich the lives of their pupils, as the project encompasses music, art, culture, literacy, social media, poetry, performance and giving young people the opportunity to shape their own education.”

Pupils from P7 at Valley Primary performed their song for their parents at the YMCA last week, while P4 from Fair Isle have just finished recording their CD.

The project has received funding from Equally Well and Fairer Scotland.

Rae Walker, head teacher at Fair Isle, said: “Our pupils have worked with the YM for the last few weeks to create a CD based on an interview with PC Lees, our former community policeman who is now retired.

“From his amazing stories they wrote poems which were then put to music. The experience helped their levels of confidence grow.”