Talks held over the future of Kirkcaldy shopping centre

Kirkcaldy's MP Roger Mullin met with the owners of The Postings to discuss the future of the shopping centre.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 11:15 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 11:47 am
Roger Mullin MP has met with the owners of the Postings

Representatives from investment company Columbia Threadneedle discussed the road ahead for the site which is in danger of eventually lying derelict after a number of businesses moved out when the closure of Tesco last year proved to have a detrimental effect.

Mr Mullin said that the meeting in London had been “constructive” though he didn’t expect to see a quick change happening.

“What came across in the meeting very clearly, was there is not an immediate prospect of any new tenants moving in to any of the empty retail units,” he said.

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Mr Mullin said that he has offered to assist Threadneedle “in any way I can”.

“I suggested to them that I would send them a number of briefings which will fully explain how business works in Scotland as I think there were a few areas in which they were maybe not completely clear.

“They were happy with that suggestion.”

“So I will be working to send them business developments that have been made by the Scottish Government, including the change to business rates, but of course that is going to take some time to come in.

“This will give help to give Threadneedle the whole picture and will help them to get up to speed with how we work in Scotland.”

“I intend to stay in regular contact with them and will try to encourage further investment into The Postings.

“As it stands at the moment however I’m not hugely optimistic of much immediate change.”