Talks to secure future of St Andrews Botanic Garden

Discussions on ways to secure the long-term future of St Andrews Botanic Garden are ongoing.

The Friends of the Garden confirmed this week that talks between the key organizations involved have continued over the summer.

A spokesperson told the Citizen: ‘‘All parties recognizing that the garden is in a critical situation and that change is inevitable.

‘‘Fife Council, which manages the garden, and St Andrews University who own it are actively engaged with the Friends and the Education Trust in finding a long-term and sustainable solution for this much-loved facility.’’

Chair Louise Roger added: ‘‘The Friends see education in its widest sense as being at the core of the garden, and the Education Trust has an impressive track record of delivering a consistently high level of education to local schools, to families and to adults.

‘‘We would hope to develop this further while helping safeguard the rare collection of plants and continued employment for garden staff.’’

Councillor Robin Waterston noted: ‘‘The precise outcome of the current discussions is uncertain, and there is no question that hard choices will have to be made.

‘‘However, all parties involved with the Garden are doing their utmost to assure its long-term future.”

Anyone interested in helping the Friends or hearing more about future options for the garden is invited to attend the Friends AGM on Tuesday, September 27, at 7.30pm in the Glass Class.

More information can be found on

The Friends’ Apple Day is on Sunday, September 25. ³Lots of people have asked us if there¹s anything they can do to help² added Louise Roger. ³We will shortly be launching a fund raising appeal, and right now we are urging everyone to visit us at our events, lectures and sales over the coming months starting with