Tall tales & fables = fabulous fun!

Eilidh MacDonald and Holly MacDonald playing inside the Beanstalk House
Eilidh MacDonald and Holly MacDonald playing inside the Beanstalk House

Interactive exhibiton is a summer holiday hit at Kirkcaldy Galleries

Wicked witches, a March Hare, beautiful princesses’ and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party are all part of a new interactive exhibition at Kirkcaldy Galleries.

Tall Tales and Fabulous Fables exhibition.

Tall Tales and Fabulous Fables exhibition.

Youngsters, teens and adults are all invited to explore the fascinating world of children’s books through the colourful display which runs until the end of September.

The exhibition, ‘Tall Tales & Fabulous Fables’, is free and ideal for keeping children entertained through the summer holidays.

Youngsters can create their own fairytale story and ending using the giant magnetic frieze; find out what’s inside the mystery house made of books, test their nerves in the spooky study, take part in colouring sessions or play a giant board game.

Curators Lesley Lettice and Janice Crane started putting ideas together for the display as the venue re-opened last year.

She said: “We thought it would be nice to do something that tied both the library and the gallery together.

‘‘We came up with around five or six main themes. We wanted something for all ages from toddlers right up to teenagers - Janice has an eight and an 11-year-old boy and girl and one of my friend’s has youngsters of the same age so we were able to run our ideas past them, and the feedback was really good.

“We want people to bring their kids along and have fun but learn from it as well.’’

The exhibition is running across two rooms.

The first looks at fairytales and the dark side of fables, while the second room concentrates on adventure stories, mystery books and animals in children’s tales - together they draw on everything from the Borrowers to Harry Potter.

It features Snow White’s dress - with a modern twist - along with seven dwarf costumes specially made by designer Alison Brown with assistance from Kirkcaldy Sewing Circle.

There is an interactive beanstalk house which has its front made from real books plus a spooky study.

Lesley said: “We also have a fairytale frieze illustrated by Gordon Cant. Youngsters can stick characters on it and make up their own stories.”

The most-eye catching exhibits in this room have to be the large interactive March Hare and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, which form part of an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Lesley is a huge fan so most of the items on the tea party table are hers - including China tea cups and saucers, a cake with playing cards and specially knitted cupcakes, doughnuts and sausage rolls!

Lesley said: “We have had a lot of nice comments about the display and it has really helped to generate a lot of interest.

“We are really pleased with the exhibition - it has worked out exactly how we planned it.”

Interactive sessions

Children are invited to take part in various activites to coincide with the exhibition over the next few weeks.

These include Clydebank Puppet Theatre presents The Gingerbread Man on August 12 at 11.00 a.m and 2.00 p.m. for 3+ years (£2/£1.50).

All ticketed events must be booked in advance.

Call (01592) 583206.