‘Tay-eux’ tapestry captures Fife villages

The tapestry in Newport.
The tapestry in Newport.

A new tapestry capturing two north east Fife communities could soon go on tour.

The tapestry, created by the Newport History Group, includes 27 panels featuring scenes from the village and Wormit, past and present.

The popular tapestry was unveiled at the Newport Festival last month, attracting a big crowd.

The group used old postcards as inspiration for their creations, which include the rail stations, the old schools, the high street, and the Newport Hotel.

“We’re so proud,” said Mairi Shiels, chair of the group.

“We were thrilled with it, We’ve been talking about new ones we can make.

“This exhibition attracted great interest.

“There are visits from all over the world to our Facebook page.”

The idea for the tapestry came last year, and for the last 12 months the group have been working on their panels, with member Tessa Durham organising the project.

“It was a lot of work,” Mairi added. “I don’t think people realised how much work it would be.

“And it was tricky because we didn’t have a pattern. Everyone just had a blank chunk.

“We got a basic outline, so we could add as much detail as possible.”

Mairi now hopes to take the tapestry on tour, possibly to local schools to teach the children about the history of the area.

Cards featuring the panels have also proved popular. The group were forced to order more, after more than 600 were purchased.