Tea party event was just pants!

Endo ladies at the Mad Pants Tea Party
Endo ladies at the Mad Pants Tea Party

Women’s health campaigner Claire Smith was glad an event she organised was pants – as that was her intention.

Claire, from Methil – formerly Claire Watson before her recent marriage – staged a Mad Pants Tea Party at Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital staff room as part of her dedicated campaign to boost awaresness of endometriosis, a condition with affects one woman in 10 in the UK.

Under the banner of Endo UK – and clad in pink pants – she baked cakes and offered tea to anyone affected by the condition who wanted help, support and information.

Endometriosis is caused by tissue which normally grows inside the womb growing outside in the pelvic area, leading to inflammation, scarring, pain and other symptoms.

“We managed to raise £84.20, which is amazing,” said Claire, the Endometriosis Fife Support Group leader.

“I couldn’t have done it without the help of the other Endo ladies.

“We enjoyed strawberry cupcakes, cinnamon honey and banana cupcakes, Oreo chocolate cupcakes, Victoria sponge, scones with fresh cream and jam, and for for my ladies that follow the Endo diet, we had wheat-free and gluten free shortbread.

“It was a good night had by all, even if we did look silly in our pink pants!” she joked.

“The meeting started off light hearted as we enjoyed cakes and meeting some new people to the group.”

Thanking everyone for their support, Claire said the next meeting would be at the same venue on the evening of October 23, with a talk by a nurse on menopause.